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As a wife, you have more power than you might realize to either build up your man or to tear him down. Your words, your actions and even your tone can bring out the very best in him. In our work with couples from all over the world, my wife Ashley and I have have discovered seven specific actions that bring out the best in a husband when these are consistently prioritized by the wife.

If you want to bring out the very best in your man, consistently do these seven things (in no particular order)…

1. Be his biggest ENCOURAGER; not his biggest critic.

The tone of your words to him can shape how he sees himself. Be a cheerleader for all he’s doing right and not just a criticizer of all he’s doing wrong. Your encouragement has the power to fuel his passions and give him courage he didn’t know he had to reach new heights. Your criticism can take the wind right out of his sails and make him want to give up hope. I’m not saying you can never point out something he’s doing wrong (spouses need to have very honest and sometimes difficult conversations) BUT the overall tone must be one of encouragement. It will bring out the best in him.

#2 might change how you communicate with him



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