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One of the greatest desires of the human heart is to find true and meaningful happiness. Maybe you’ve grown cynical in your quest for happiness, and you’ve convinced yourself that it’s an illusion or a delusion.┬áI’m convinced that happiness is very real and very attainable, but it’s NOT the result of luck, circumstances or even personality traits. Anyone can find happiness because it’s the result of our choices, not our circumstances.

The simplest and most effective way to improve your own happiness is to learn from truly happy people. In my experiences and interactions, the happiest people I know consistently do the following things (in no particular order). If we’ll implement these disciplines into our own lives on a daily basis, I believe happiness will follow.

Seven things happy people do every day (in no particular order):

1. Encourage others instead of criticizing them.

Dave Willis quote inspirational encouraging encouragement be an encourager the world has plenty of critics already

When we criticize others, it bends our minds towards criticism, but when we choose to be encouragers, we find ourselves being encouraged in the process. When we consistently criticize, everybody loses. When we consistently encourage, everybody wins.



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