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thinking man

Everyday I hear from wives reaching out for marital advice. Very often, they’ll write me online and tell me all the things their husband is doing wrong. For the most part, these are things he has ALWAYS been doing wrong (even back before they were married), but she thought she could change him (which never works out well). There are certain things a man does during the dating phase of the relationship that show either he’s not ready for marriage or he’s not worthy of marriage. 

For those of who are not yet married OR for those who you who are raising daughters, PLEASE save yourself future heartache by NOT marrying a man who does the following things and teach your daughters not to marry a man who does these things.

You might say things like, “You don’t know him like I know him. He’s really a good person. He’ll change someday, I know it.” Don’t live in denial. I’ve seen this play out a million times. You won’t be the exception. The temporary tears of breaking up with a guy will be far easier than the permanent heartache of being married to a man who does the following things. If ANY of these things are consistently happening, DON’T MARRY HIM. Trust me.

7 reasons NOT to marry a man (in no particular order)…



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