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Just like warning lights on a car’s dashboard indicate that something is “off” underneath the hood, there are certain warning signs in a marriage that signal something is off in the relationship. 

I recently sat down with a couple who have been married for a long time, but recently some relational “drift” in their marriage had slowly sent them in opposite directions like two ships that are each just slightly off course, but over time, that slight drift caused a huge gap between them. They both had the sense that something was “off,” but they didn’t know how to address it, so they ignored it. This couple had the abrupt wakeup call of an Emotional Affair which threatened to end their marriage if immediate action wasn’t taken.

Any marriage left on autopilot will eventually start drifting in the wrong direction. It’s important to correct the course the moment you recognize the sometimes subtle signs that something is off in your relationships and/or you’re drifting apart. These signs aren’t indicators that a marriage is over; they are a wakeup call that action needs to be taken to prevent a crisis and redirect the relationship towards a healthier path. If any of these seven warning signs are happening in your marriage, talk about it. Communication is always the first step. The end of the article will list out some additional resources.

Here are seven warning signs that something is “off”  in your marriage (in no particular order)…



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