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I’m convinced that one of the most significant questions a woman asks is, “Does he really love me?” This question starts when she is a little girl learning what love is supposed to look like from the way her Dad interacts with her. Whether she has a great dad, a terrible dad or an absent one, there will be defining moments when she asks herself, “Does he really love me?

As she grows into young adulthood and begins exploring romantic relationships, there will probably be many times when she’s vetting a young man’s intentions, motives and true feelings and she’ll ask herself, “Does he really love me?

When she is married, even with the presumed commitment of lifelong love, there will undoubtedly be moments in the marriage when she asks herself, “Does he really love me?”

Not knowing the answer to that question can cause uncertainty and anxiety within the heart and mind of anyone. In my book The Seven Laws of Love, I outlined the timeless principles and practices that reveal love’s true presence and the keys to making relationships work for a lifetime. Men and women tend to express their love in unique ways. Many items on this are equally present in how most women display love. These generalizations don’t apply to every man or every relationship, but I’m firmly convinced that if a man truly loves you, he will consistently do the following things (in no particular order)…



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