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As the founder of the Facebook Marriage Page and as a Pastor, I’m an advocate for stronger marriages, but I’m seeing an alarming trend of people who look at the whole idea of marriage and say, “What’s the point?”

More than ever before, people are avoiding, redefining and marginalizing marriage. Some of the doubts are probably fueled from legitimate reasons like astronomical divorce rates, the social acceptance of couples’ co-habitation and a lack satisfaction among many long-time married couples, but the truth remains that marriage matters more than we could possibly comprehend. Below I’ll list just a few of the reasons why. I hope these insights help you rediscover the timeless beauty and significance of the gift of marriage.

A few of the MANY reasons why marriage still matters:

1. There is no real love without real commitment.

Love, by it’s very nature, is not a “feeling” but a commitment, and marriage is the perfect expression of that commitment. Marriage is part of God’s “Master Plan” for healthy, happy families and it provides a foundation of commitment anchored by love which can weather the storms of life.

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