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Almost every day, I receive messages online from a spouse who believes the other spouse might be cheating or pulling away, or at the very least, hiding something. This puts the doubting spouse in a frustrating predicament of wanting to know the truth, but not knowing how to proceed without seeming paranoid or making false accusations.

I’m a little apprehensive about doing this, because I don’t want to cause unnecessary doubts or fights in a marriage. Still, I strongly believe that this is information you need to have. I’ve discovered a clear and consistent set of behaviors that often signal that ADULTERY, DISHONESTY AND/OR APATHY is happening in a marriage. I’m going to list these behaviors below. I believe that these seven behaviors represent the main warning signs. 

These warning signs listed below are clear indicators that something is off in the marriage. If you see ANY of these six behaviors being exhibited by you or by your spouse, please take immediate action to address the issues before it becomes too late. If your marriage is currently in crisis, please don’t lose hope. Please check out our new program for couples in crisis at

Here are the 6 most common signs of a spouse who is pulling away  (in no particular order)…



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