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sad man

I’m going to make a confession to you. It’s a confession many men will try to deny, but it’s the truth. Here it is…we men get our feelings hurt a lot more than we admit. Wow. I already feel a sense of relief now that this HUGE secret if off my chest!

We tend to create gender stereotypes where women are more “emotional,” but both men and women are emotional beings. Yes, women often are more outwardly demonstrative with their emotional expression while men tend to internalize, but both genders get their feelings hurt at about the same rate.

Dave Willis marriage quote quotes your words to your spouse matter but the tone in which you speak those words matters just as much

Sometimes, we hurt each other on purpose (which is never justified), but very often in marriage, a husband and wife can hurt each other’s feelings by accident. Below are a few examples of the primary ways women unknowingly hurt their husband. I’ll see if I can get my amazing wife Ashley to write a post on the MANY ways we men tend to hurt women’s feelings.

A wife can hurt her husbands feelings (on accident) when…



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