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“I wish I knew what was going on in his head!”

“Why in world does he do that?”

“How can I get him to open up to me?”

“What is going on with him?”

These are questions I hear all the time from women who are desperately trying to understand and connect with their husbands (and their sons). Our culture seems to be dismissing the differences between men and women for a new version of gender neutrality, but disregarding our God-given distinctness does more harm than good. Taking the time to understand and appreciate these differences can help us grow in our mutual understanding, our communication and our relationships (especially marriage and parenting).

I’m going to give you some inside info on what’s really happening in his head. The research seems to point to these five common traits among most men. These generalizations don’t apply to every man, but they definitely hold true for for most the guys¬†I know. Ask your husband/boyfriend/sons if these five points are true for him and it could spark some deeply meaningful conversations that could strengthen your relationship!

First off, here’s what you need to know about his THOUGHTS…



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