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Dave and Ashley Willis family sons boys

We live in very unique and complex times. Cultural wars are being waged over gender identity, public restroom access and moral debates over whether gender is more a matter of biological hardware (genitals), mental wiring, feelings, personal choice, or a combination of them all. This confusing climate has added an extra layer of complexity for those of us who are raising children. Most parents are asking themselves, What lessons should we be teaching our kids about gender?”

As a quick disclaimer, I’m not a psychiatrist nor have I done extensive research into the psychological factors at play in gender development. I’m a dad and I’m a pastor. Below are some simple reflections I’ve developed through years of Bible study and interactions with thousands of people from all over the world.

You might not agree with what I say, but I hope you’ll be open to joining the online dialogue around these controversial issues with a civil tone and mutual respect for all.

As a dad, the lessons I’m teaching my kids about gender and identity include (in no particular order)…



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