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I recently sat down with a lady whose husband had been carrying on a secret double-life. The couple had faced a steady stream of recent struggles, but the extent of his destructive behavior (adultery, etc.) was much more than she had previously thought possible. She, like so many spouses, now finds herself at a crossroads where she must decide how to proceed. With children involved, she feels stuck a lose-lose situation no matter what she chooses to do next. My prayers are with her and with the many who are facing similar, heartbreaking struggles.

That meeting has had me thinking about the factors that ultimately lead to this kind of crisis. If you find yourself in a crisis already, I encourage you to start with professional counseling and/the resources available at For those of us who are not in crisis, I want to focus on some points on how to prevent a crisis in our marriages. I believe that if we’ll follow these five principles below, we’ll be taking a big step towards safeguarding our hearts and our homes.

Dave Willis marriage quote there is no challenge big enough to destroy your marriage as long as you are both willing to stop fighitng against each other and start fighting for each other

The 5 keys to a divorce-proof marriage are (in no particular order)…



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