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Imagine the good you could accomplish if you had more influence. Imagine how you could positively impact your friends, family members, colleagues and communities if you were handed a microphone and the words you spoke were heard, understood and applied to the lives of all who heard them. You might feel like that’s an impossible scenario, but you can have greater influence in people’s lives (and it doesn’t requires a Masters Degree in Public Speaking). If you will do these five things, your influence will grow, and as a result, you’ll change the lives of those around you and change your own life in the process.

1. INVEST in people at their lowest points.

sad lonely woman

Think about the people in your own life who have the most influence on you. I would bet those people have been there for you during some of your lowest moments. Everyone wants to influence someone who is already on top. When a person is “successful” in the world’s eyes, their phone is always buzzing and their calendar is overbooked with people who want their time. If you want to have influence in a person’s life, you can’t wait to join the crowd when they’re on top; you must be willing to give them your best when they are at their worst. Rush into their mess when everyone else is rushing out. Like investing in a company’s stock when the value is down, investing in a person when they’re feeling broken or alone will produce greater dividends and a higher ROI in that person’s life and in your future influence.

#2 reveals the single most important ingredient in building influence



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