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My wife Ashley and I love working with married couples and creating resources to help people deepen their faith and strengthen their marriages. We’re often asked to recommend a marriage “devotional” for a husband and wife to go through together. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a devotional is typically a short daily reading that incorporates words from the Bible and helps the reader grow in his or her faith while also learning practical tools to apply to every part of life.

I’ve written a new 31-Day Marriage Devotional for couples which is free and available right here. I’ve organized it into 31 short daily readings which can all be done in around thirty seconds each. Each day has a quote, a thought for reflection, a Bible verse and a question to help you reflect and think about next steps. You could probably read through all thirty-one of these in ten minutes or less and if you want to read them all at once and then go back and spend time reflecting on one per day, that’s fine. However you choose to do it, I hope these words bring you to a more intimate connection with your spouse and with God.

DAY 1…



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