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Over the years, my wife Ashley and I have interacted with countless married couples, and a trend we’ve discovered is that the way a couple handles their cell phones reveals a great deal about the overall health of their marriage. It might sound bizarre to you that your phone can actually measure some of the strengths and shortcomings in your marriage, so let me explain…

Since our phones are with us most of the time, our actions, apps and attitudes related to our phones can actually reveal some patterns that are impacting our marriages (in both POSITIVE ways and NEGATIVE ways). You can discover a LOT about the current strengths and the current shortcomings in your marriage by closely examining your phone use. We have seen this play out countless times with countless couples. The three “tests” listed below can help you evaluate the current health of your marriage and spark some healthy conversations between you and your spouse.

HERE are 3 ways your phone can reveal strengths and shortcomings in your marriage (in no particular order)…

1.How OFTEN we call and text our spouse reveals a lot about the place of PRIORITY our marriage has in our daily schedule. 

Dave Willis marriage quotes always answer your phone when your spouse is calling and stay off phone when you're with your husband or wife

I completely understand that some jobs are more flexible than others, but I’ve come to discover that the strongest couples find a way to connect throughout the day even when they have busy schedules. When my wife Ashley was a schoolteacher, she had a crazy schedule throughout the day, but she would still make it a priority to call me several times through the day when she had a break or planning period just to check in. Those frequent interactions, even if they are brief, area lifeline that keeps a couple connected. If you’re not talking through the day, you’re depriving your marriage of vital communication.

Just as important as it is to answer your phone when your spouse is calling, it is EQUALLY IMPORTANT to try and stay off your phone when you’re together with your spouse. I know this isn’t always possible, but the more time you can spend together in conversation without having to compete with phones for each other’s attention, the better off you’ll be. Talking with your spouse is always better than texting with someone else (or checking Facebook or playing Candy Crush or catching Pokemon, etc.).

#2 reveals one of the biggest problems in modern marriages



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