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Marriage Devotional by Dave and Ashley Willis 31 days

The Bible has changed my life and my marriage. Seriously. Depending on where you are on your faith journey, you may look at the Bible (as I do) as a love letter from God filled with inspiration and instruction for life OR perhaps you just see it as an antiquated, outdated relic. Regardless of your current faith (or lack of faith), I’d encourage you to read the thirteen verses below, because these timeless truths have had a tremendous impact on my life and the lives of countless others. I believe they could provide some encouragement to you as well.

I challenge you to apply the timeless wisdom of these 13 verses below and see what happens. You might be amazed at just how practical and relevant the Bible is for marriage and for every other aspect of life too. In addition to these thirteen, you can download our new FREE 31-Day Marriage Devotional by clicking HERE.

Here are thirteen Bible verses that could instantly impact your marriage (in no particular order)…



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