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From the time my wife Ashley and I first started dating, we have loved watching movies together. The shared experience of a movie can create inside jokes and catchphrases that can help add some fun into your relationship. Even today, curling up on the couch with some popcorn and Netflix remains one of our favorite “dates.”

Every couple has a different list of must-see movies, but below are a few I would highly recommend. They’re not all from one genre, so if you watch them all, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll learn something new. I’d encourage out to carve out a movie date night at home once a week for the next ten weeks and work your way through this list.

Just as a disclaimer, this list doesn’t mean I’m endorsing all the content in these films. Nearly every movie is going to have some words or scenes that I wish had been left out.

In no particular order…

1. The Princess Bride. This movie is classic. I mean it has Andre the Giant in it, so what more do you really need? You’ll laugh a lot and you’ll be talking in fun accents and using catchphrases like, “As you wish,” “Inconceivable!” “Rodents of Unusual size” and many more. Great date night movie.

2. The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have brilliant comedic timing and a believable on-screen chemistry in several movies, but “The Wedding Singer” shows them at the top of their game. This throwback to the 1980’s has plenty of comedy, but it also has heart.

3. Goonies. Ashley and I both grew up on the 80’s, so it’s tons of fun to go back and watch movies from our childhood together. Goonies is one of my personal favorites. You’ve got pirate treasure, booby traps and “Chunk” doing the “Truffle Shuffle!” Classic.

4. Rocky. As a dude, I love all seventy-three movies in the Rocky franchise. I even love the most recent, “Rocky fights Arthritis!” The original 1976 Academy-Award winner for Best Picture has both a beautiful love story between Rocky and Adrian and one of the best underdog fighter stories of all time. Watch it with your spouse. You’ll both like it. Seriously.

5. Tommy Boy. Before the tragic demise of comic genius, Chris Farley, he created some brilliant comedy and this movie is his greatest work. It has a sweet and sentimental storyline to go along with some hysterical physical comedy. You’ll laugh a lot and you might even tear up a few times.

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