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Jean Yih Kingston is a wife of almost 25 years and mom of four. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate degrees in Biological Basis of Behavior and Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Psychological Services. After her first baby was born, she became a stay-at-home mom! She keeps busy with many family projects including a Creative Sanctuary in the works on her Vermont farm. When she's not at a field watching her kids play soccer and baseball, she's cooking/baking and hanging out in the kitchen with guests. Jean grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia longing for a backyard horse or at least one cute puppy, but alas, her childhood wishes were filled with only stuffed animals. As an adult, all her dreams have come true! She is surrounded by live furry creatures and has two pups, two lop-eared bunnies, a herd of fourteen alpaca, three horses and some birthday sheep on their way (a birthday gift from her awesome husband). She is very grateful and loves Jesus, her family, all things cute, rooting for the underdog and the Red Sox.

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High school senior rescues girl with deployed dad

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 19, 2017

High schooler Matthew Garcia sprints to the field when he sees crying 9 year old cheerleader.

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Sia’s “Chandelier” isn’t easy to sing, but this 12 year old can do it

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 18, 2017

She’s come a long way from selling banana cue on the streets in the Philipines.

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Group of old men surprise everyone on Britain’s Got Talent

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 17, 2017

Nobody thought they had it in them!

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Their audition on America’s Got Talent is their first performance as a trio

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 16, 2017

We can’t help but wonder how they’ll sound together.

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Doggy head tilts…that is all

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 15, 2017

Some dogs do this when you talk to them and it’s just the best.

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“Fireflies” music video for Autism Awareness Day

By Jean Yih Kingston on April 1, 2017

Sweetest short story of a little boy who goes the extra mile for a new friend and neighbor.

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Revisiting shampoo prank in honor of April Fool’s Day

By Jean Yih Kingston on March 31, 2017

He doesn’t get why the water isn’t rinsing as it usually does!

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When the taxi driver spoke to him in sign language, he was stunned

By Jean Yih Kingston on March 29, 2017

People in this Turkish town learned sign language for their neighbor.

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Road sign in Norway encourages pedestrians to do silly walk across street

By Jean Yih Kingston on March 28, 2017

Always make time for a little goofiness!

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VIDEO: Overweight and sick shelter dog saves man’s life

By Jean Yih Kingston on March 27, 2017

Man saves dog and then dog saves man.

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