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Jean Yih Kingston is a wife of almost 25 years and mom of four. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate degrees in Biological Basis of Behavior and Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Psychological Services. After her first baby was born, she became a stay-at-home mom! She keeps busy with many family projects including a Creative Sanctuary in the works on her Vermont farm. When she's not at a field watching her kids play soccer and baseball, she's cooking/baking and hanging out in the kitchen with guests. Jean grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia longing for a backyard horse or at least one cute puppy, but alas, her childhood wishes were filled with only stuffed animals. As an adult, all her dreams have come true! She is surrounded by live furry creatures and has two pups, two lop-eared bunnies, a herd of fourteen alpaca, three horses and some birthday sheep on their way (a birthday gift from her awesome husband). She is very grateful and loves Jesus, her family, all things cute, rooting for the underdog and the Red Sox.

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Little girl dressed up as a chicken melts the hearts of all her neighbors

By Jean Yih Kingston on October 30, 2017

Happy Halloween! This short video will make your day. If she came to my door she would get all my candy and a big hug too! What a cute outfit!

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Evie Clair Sings Tribute to Late Father on Finale of America’s Got Talent

By Jean Yih Kingston on September 20, 2017

At 13, Evie Clair stands strong just two weeks after her dad passed away from colon cancer. Hats off to her for her remarkable and emotional performance.

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Angelica Hale Brings Down the House Again on America’s Got Talent

By Jean Yih Kingston on September 18, 2017

Stunningly talented elementary school student sings cover of Without You on America’s Got Talent.

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This remarkable service dog does it all

By Jean Yih Kingston on August 2, 2017

This service dog is truly amazing and again proves that dogs are awesome.

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Dog balances objects on his head like a champ

By Jean Yih Kingston on August 1, 2017

This dog is a boss when it comes to being perfectly still.

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Man Tries to Reunite With Gorilla Released to the Wild

By Jean Yih Kingston on July 6, 2017

Man and beast form a bond that is not broken over time.

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Unstoppable Small Dog Chooses Huge Toy at Pet Store

By Jean Yih Kingston on July 3, 2017

Lucy the Yorkie is completely certain that choosing a huge toy is the best idea!

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Two 9 Year Old Girls Are Shining Stars on America’s Got Talent

By Jean Yih Kingston on July 1, 2017

How is it possible that these little people have such big voices?

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Happy Birthday America From the Muppets

By Jean Yih Kingston on June 30, 2017

Clippity Clip hopes everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

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He Sings Whitney Houston on America’s Got Talent and Amazes Everyone

By Jean Yih Kingston on June 29, 2017

Johnny Manuel has a much range as Whitney Houston in his cover of “I Have Nothing”.

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