Mark Driscoll’s true god to be revealed

By David Murrow on August 14, 2014

Mark Driscoll has a wonderful opportunity to step away from his high-profile life and complete the journey of submission. Or he can grip the pulpit more tightly, insisting that everything is A-OK.

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I’ve finally found the perfect church

By David Murrow on July 30, 2014

After years of searching I’ve finally found the perfect church. Let me tell you about it.

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Confusing Worship with Fellowship

By David Murrow on July 22, 2014

Megachurches attract a higher percentage of men. One of the reasons is that they’ve divided worship and fellowship into two separate events.

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What’s the #1 thing men hate?

By David Murrow on July 16, 2014

Go ahead. Type “why men hate” into any popular search engine. The first result on Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the same.

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Thinking outside the church planting box

By David Murrow on July 8, 2014

What if there are millions of men who would become disciples if only we offered them something other than a weekly stage presentation?

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Does your church look like a beauty parlor?

By David Murrow on July 1, 2014

Ribbons. Flowers. Quilts. Lace. How has this become the default look for the local church? In what way does this dewy décor reflect our mission? And what does this motif communicate to men?

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Are millennial men less manly?

By David Murrow on June 4, 2014

Men in their 20s don’t conform to strict gender roles the way their fathers and grandfathers did. In fact, many young guys are rejecting stereotypically manly behaviors – dismissing them as silly and sophomoric.

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Sportsman’s Church hooks the camo crowd

By David Murrow on May 27, 2014

Imagine a church that meets outdoors. Rain or shine. Next to a fishing hole. Around a campfire. There’s no shortage of men in this church. In fact, guys come early to go fishing – and stay late to talk around the fire.

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Why 2/3 of men are unhappy in church

By David Murrow on May 14, 2014

Since the beginning, churches have consisted of three kinds of people. If we’re going to fulfill our mission we must balance their influence.

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Why men aren’t buying the church’s core product (part 2)

By David Murrow on April 16, 2014

As a young man growing up in church, I can’t remember ever hearing a sermon about relationships – much less a series. Most pastors didn’t see relationships as a topic worthy of the pulpit. They do now.

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