Why holiday services bore men to death

By David Murrow on October 28, 2014

The typical Christmas/Easter/Mother’s Day lineup all but guarantees that men will find nothing compelling during their visit to church. Holiday worship services reinforce the male belief that Christianity is for women and children.

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Is muscular Christianity the problem – or the solution?

By David Murrow on October 7, 2014

Are we seeing character flaws in individual men – or does something unhealthy surface when churches place too much emphasis on reaching guys?

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Does your pastor fear men?

By David Murrow on October 1, 2014

“I had chosen a career that kept me away from manly things altogether. Eighty percent of my daily interactions were with women—and I liked it that way. In those rare instances when I had to deal with men, there was usually a woman present, which kept me safe.”

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How to preach 3 hour sermons (part 2)

By David Murrow on August 28, 2014

What can preachers and teachers borrow from sports and movies to make their sermons more engaging to men? Here are four ideas.

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Between Boredom and Blood

By David Murrow on August 19, 2014

Christians live in the tension between these two poles. We long for the freedom and adventure that comes with following the Lion of Judah. Yet we continually try to tame this lion by creating stable, predictable church and devotional lives.

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Mark Driscoll’s true god to be revealed

By David Murrow on August 14, 2014

Mark Driscoll has a wonderful opportunity to step away from his high-profile life and complete the journey of submission. Or he can grip the pulpit more tightly, insisting that everything is A-OK.

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How to preach 3 hour sermons

By David Murrow on August 6, 2014

Men can sit through a 3-hour football game or a 3-hour epic movie without being bored – so why can’t they sit through a 3-hour sermon? Or a 1-hour sermon? Or even a 30-minute sermon?

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I’ve finally found the perfect church

By David Murrow on July 30, 2014

After years of searching I’ve finally found the perfect church. Let me tell you about it.

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Thinking outside the church planting box

By David Murrow on July 8, 2014

What if there are millions of men who would become disciples if only we offered them something other than a weekly stage presentation?

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Does your church look like a beauty parlor?

By David Murrow on July 1, 2014

Ribbons. Flowers. Quilts. Lace. How has this become the default look for the local church? In what way does this dewy décor reflect our mission? And what does this motif communicate to men?

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