Why the bathroom wars have men in a lather

By David Murrow on May 11, 2016

The new bathroom policy angers men because it strips them of their ancient protector role. To make things worse, any man who expresses concern for his daughter’s privacy is labeled a bigot. Men can’t shield their loved ones – and they’re publicly shamed if they try.

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All crazy, all the time

By David Murrow on March 24, 2016

What do Donald Trump and the prosperity gospel preachers have in common?

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Why Jesus was mad all the time

By David Murrow on April 9, 2015

Is Jesus giving us a green light to blast our opponents? To call people names? To nurse ancient grudges?

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Is self-esteem wrecking church attendance?

By David Murrow on February 24, 2015

A generation bathed in self-esteem is having a hard time integrating into institutional Christianity.

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The altar girl controversy

By David Murrow on February 3, 2015

Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco recently pulled the plug on its 20-year-long experiment with altar girls. The media saw this as a simple case of discrimination. But there’s more to the story…

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Thanksgiving vs. the outrage machine

By David Murrow on November 26, 2014

The media is becoming one giant, seething outrage machine. It’s making it harder for us to be thankful for all we’ve been given.

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We need a national conversation on spanking

By David Murrow on October 13, 2014

Some 90% of parents spank their kids – yet they are given absolutely no instruction on what constitutes a healthy spanking, because the experts tell us there’s no such thing.

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Does your pastor fear men?

By David Murrow on October 1, 2014

“I had chosen a career that kept me away from manly things altogether. Eighty percent of my daily interactions were with women—and I liked it that way. In those rare instances when I had to deal with men, there was usually a woman present, which kept me safe.”

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How we destroyed our man-building infrastructure

By David Murrow on April 23, 2014

Men’s service organizations were just one plank in a vast infrastructure that used to exist in our nation – an infrastructure that took unruly men and civilized them. Yet in the past 50 years we have dismantled this infrastructure – in the name of gender equality.

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What college men really need from the church

By David Murrow on October 9, 2013

Maybe young guys are leaving Christianity because they are longing for a kind of discipleship they see in the movies, but can’t find in the local church.

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