What men want from church in 2014

By David Murrow on March 27, 2014

But what if people dropping out of church simply because it no longer offers something unique and meaningful? What if men have realized they can get their spiritual inspiration, music and socializing by other means?

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Why are men leaving church? It’s no longer 1850.

By David Murrow on March 18, 2014

In 1850 our product was completely unique. No one else offered what the church did. But in 2014, everyone offers the same things we do – better, faster and cheaper than we do.

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Do men feel safe inviting friends to church?

By David Murrow on March 12, 2014

Here’s the truth: most churchgoing men like their worship services well enough – but they are not confident their friends will like them. So they do not issue invitations.

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Why Peter Left the Building

By David Murrow on March 5, 2014

Christ handed him the keys to the kingdom – but we’ve shown him the door. Why is Mr. Action absent from so many churches?

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