What Christian women really, really want

By David Murrow on September 25, 2013

These stunning survey results give us a clue as to why Christianity is so rapidly changing into a family-centered faith; why Christian culture is feminizing; and why the gender gap in many denominations continues to grow.

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How to wreck a pastor

By David Murrow on September 18, 2013

Because of these frequent beat downs, some pastors develop a foxhole mentality. They avoid their people. They spend a lot of time in their study. They pack their schedules. They steer clear of their men.

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Church nixes girly tunes and men return

By David Murrow on September 11, 2013

Getting more men to attend your church may be as simple as changing your music.

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Using cinema to open men’s hearts

By David Murrow on September 4, 2013

Film is the new campfire. It’s the shared culture of young men. And it’s still one of the most powerful pathways into a man’s heart. Men who may be afraid of the Bible are perfectly comfortable discovering truth from the movies they already know.

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