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Who doesn’t love a good “To Do” list? I make them for everything…chores around the house, work related projects, doctor’s appointments — even things to put on future “To Do” lists! (Yes, I know that is a bit OCD…)

But what about a “Don’t Do” list? (I vote for “Don’t clean the toilets” on mine!)

Actually, it turns out: there is great value in tracking things we shouldn’t be doing.

In researching men for For Women Only, I discovered that if we want romance (and who doesn’t?!) there are some specific things we must add to our “Don’t Do” list. So if you want your man to be romantic, to surprise you with sweet gestures, flowers or a nice dinner, to notice your new outfit and say “wow, you look beautiful”, or to allow you to capture his attention away from the college football game, then do not do these four things!



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