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What is she thinking?

There’s something you need to know about women. The vast majority of women (somewhere between 80 and 90 percent according to our nationally-representative surveys for For Men Only) secretly wonder things like: Am I lovable? Does he really love me? Would he choose me all over again? Yes, even confident women in great relationships have those doubts and questions running under the surface. You see, when you said, “I do,” you thought the deal was done, and in all likelihood, the question “Does she love me?” hasn’t crossed your mind since. But she is wired differently.

For her, “I do” will probably always mean “Do you still?” She needs to hear your “I love you.” Now, on a conscious level, she probably knows that your love hasn’t changed just because you’re arguing. But under the surface is where the doubt lives – and when there is conflict, that doubt often rises to the surface and tries to move in! So suddenly her feelings need convincing proof that you’re still there for her. In fact, either conflict or your withdrawal from the situation can trigger her worry — and arguments between men and women usually have both!



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