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Today’s article is a guest post from my Digital Content Manager, Caroline Niziol. Caroline has been on my team since 2014 and works primarily on blogs, social media, and lots of other projects. I hope everyone involved in long-distance relationships finds her article encouraging. These points are great to keep in mind whether or not you’re currently doing the 30-Day Kindness Challenge for your spouse!

My husband and I have been together for nearly seven years and married for the past five. He worked a traveling job during our entire relationship until a couple of months ago. Except for occasional times at home, he traveled from Monday-Friday out of town and came home only on the weekends. We didn’t face the stress or hardship of a military deployment or other work situations where a spouse is out of town for months at a time. Still, keeping our relationship strong and healthy was challenging — especially since we have three small children (yes, despite the travel, we did have babies in 2013, 2015, and 2016!)

Shaunti has received several questions from readers related to long-distance relationships (LDRs). Given my firsthand experience, I decided to take a stab at writing up a few points to help. I didn’t want to rely only on my own experiences, so I talked to several friends involved now or before in LDRs, across the spectrum of dating, engagement, and marriage. (Names have been changed for privacy). Keep reading for four tips to keep the love alive when you’re apart:



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