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3. Even teens who look aloof, want your encouragement and affection

A teen may look like they are keeping you at arm’s length – or worse! But in most cases, that is just on the surface. Deep down (and not very deep at that) they still really want and need your encouragement, affection and reassurance.

Teens are changing rapidly, and all those changes are just as confusing to them as they are to you.  They want you (who are still the most important people in their lives!) to notice and appreciate them as new and unique individuals. Teenage Nate and teenage Olivia may have the same name, eye color and funny-sounding laugh as five years ago, but they are very different people today. They need someone who sees them for who they are, enjoys them, and wants to walk alongside them through life. They need hugs and affection.  

So take a deep breath. They don’t really want to push you away. They don’t really hate you. It just sometimes feels that way.



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