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4.  The friend who hates marriage in general

Like I said earlier, we SHOULD have friends from varying backgrounds and life experiences.  This is a beautiful thing.  But, this means that all of us will most certainly have different opinions about various things.  We shouldn’t end a friendship simply because we don’t agree with everything he/she says, but we can’t be close friends with someone who won’t respect our beliefs or tries to belittle our values.  

We might have some friends who are divorced and currently have a very negative attitude towards marriage in general.  I’m not saying that we shouldn’t support them during this heartbreaking time.  We absolutely should.  We just need to make sure that our conversations aren’t anti-marriage.

I had a friend who started hanging out with two divorced women who would always tell her that being single was so much better than being married.  They would go out to restaurants and clubs at least one night a week together.  My friend was the only married woman in the group.  Eventually, she started arguing with her husband over little things and telling him that he wasn’t a good husband.  After some time, she threatened divorce, and eventually she moved out of their home and into an apartment with those single women.  Her husband was shocked at how fast all of this happened.  The sad thing about this situation is that the couple divorced three years ago, and my friend is just now realizing where she went wrong in both her friendships and her marriage.  She so desperately wants to get back together with her husband, but he is now with someone else.

Friends, I don’t want this to happen to any of us.  God wants all of us to have strong marriages and beautiful friendships.  Relationships make life so rich when they are healthy and in balance.  Let’s be sure to seek out and maintain loyal friendships that are mutually encouraging and uplifting and bring out the best in our marriages and families.

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