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Anxiety and depression are a huge struggle that that millions of people face every day.  We often use the terms “anxious” and “anxiety” to describe our nervousness or apprehension about something.  But, for those who suffer with recurring anxiety attacks, we know all-to-well how real anxiety can interrupt our lives, steal our joy, and greatly affect our role as husbands or wives.

I have been suffering with anxiety since I was a young girl.  What started as a little worry would quickly turn into a full-fledge crisis within my mind over time.  There is a distinct difference between the non-anxious mind and the anxious mind…

Imagine that you are jumping off of a diving board into a swimming pool.  As you plunge into the water, you start to sink down but quickly move your arms to make your way up to the surface to breathe.  


This is how we are supposed to deal with worry.  The worry may enter our minds, but we quickly find a way to find our way out of it…whether it be through talking about it, thinking about it, reading scripture, praying, etc..  When we handle worry normally, it is not a STAYING place.  We just pass through it.

But, this isn’t at all how those with anxiety handle worry…



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