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2. Financial decisions in marriage always affect BOTH spouses.

Whether you have a joint account or separate accounts, you both will be affected by the financial decisions of one another. Therefore, it’s important that both spouses always talk to one another about their spending and saving. When a couple decides to keep separate accounts, they often operate under the illusion that they will simply split up the bills and take care of their share on their own. But, what many couples fail to see is that this shuts down the open communication they should be having about their finances. And, this can cause a lot of confusion, frustration, and fighting. Sometimes, having a joint account can be helpful in keeping both spouses in the know of what in coming in and going out financially. Whatever kind of account you both decide to have, be sure to talk about your budget, savings, and spending with one another.

This last one has to do with how much you are willing to trust your spouse…



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