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5.  It keeps us ENGAGED in each other’s lives.

Sadly, I hear from too many married couples who are stuck in a lonely, unengaged existence.  Some are nothing more than roommates living separate lives like passing ships in the night.  They wake up, say “hello”, go to work without a call or text to one another all day, come home, run the kids to where they need to go, eat dinner without a word or in separate places, maybe meet up with a friend or focus all their attention on the kids at night, say “goodnight”, and go to bed…in two different worlds…a million miles apart.

What happened?  They stopped engaging in the “everyday moments”.  They stopped talking.  They stopped trying.  They assumed they could do it all on their own, and they did.

Why be married if you want to go it alone?

Read,  “The BIG Lie that Leads to a Lonely Marriage”, for more on this.

We need to know and be a part of everything going on in each others’ lives.  This keeps the flame blazing.  It’s no mistake that we call our pre-marital season our “engagement”.  When we were engaged, we planned our wedding, dreamt about our future, spent every moment we had together, and were excited about what God had in store for us.

The engagement should NEVER stop.  Marriage calls for deeper engagement between husband and wife, and asking for permission and insight from one another is a big part of staying connected with one another.



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