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3.  We both feel EMPOWERED.

Some may argue that asking for permission creates a marriage that is more like a parent-child relationship, but that isn’t true when BOTH ask for it.  Please let me be clear here…it is NOT healthy or acceptable for one partner to constantly have to ask the other for permission when the partner being asked goes off and does whatever he/she pleases.  This is manipulative and unloving and can lead to abusive behavior.

For more on this, read “3 Ways How Asking for Your Spouse’s Permission Can Go Wrong”, by clicking here.

Whenever we go to our spouse to consult with him/her on a decision, we both walk away empowered.  It doesn’t mean that we couldn’t make that particular decision on our own; it just means that we don’t want to.  We love and respect our spouse enough to seek his/her guidance and desire to make a collective decision.

For more on this, check out my blog, “My husband doesn’t complete me, and I will tell you why.”, by clicking here.

There will certainly be times when the husband and wife will be at a standstill when making a certain decision.  In this case, the Bible tells us that the husband should make the call (Ephesians 5:22-33).  Read my husband’s blog, “The Truth about Submission in Marriage” , for more on this.



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