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The realities of life, like sand paper can hurt us sometimes. We use sand paper (of various “grits”) to gradually smooth over a rough surface or to remove something that is deeper than the outer surface. God uses “sand paper seasons” in our lives to do the very same thing.

Sand paper seasons are extremely uncomfortable and often annoying, and they can be hard on our marriage and family. I am going through one right now, and the source often appears in different “grits.” If it is not my children, it’s my many mom-duties. If it’s not my mom-duties, its traffic that day, or a misunderstanding with my husband, or laundry, or even a sucker stuck to my cozy blanket. Just about anything or anyone can rub me the wrong way these days. Sometimes, it seems like the very floor I walk on feels more like sand paper than soft carpet.

Through tears of frustration and rather angry prayers, I have noticed that I am becoming more like sand paper myself. My poor husband is probably feeling raw from my coarsely abrasive greetings when he comes home from work. My kiddos look at me in astonishment with my harsh responses to their simple requests. I can only imagine the sinister smiles I probably give random customers in the grocery store aisle on days when I am especially “sandy”.

I have lived long enough to know that God always has purpose in the pain and function behind the frustration caused by these sand paper seasons.So, here some lessons I’ve learned…



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