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GUEST POST by Chris and Stephanie of Out of the Dust

Do you feel like your marriage is so far gone–so messed up…so damaged…so dead–that even God Himself couldn’t resurrect it?  Chris and Stephanie have been there, but their story didn’t end there.  Friends, please read this miraculous story of hope, healing, and restoration after experiencing secrecy, shame, and even divorce.  Here’s Chris and Stephanie’s story (in their own words) about how God brought them and their marriage “out of the dust” and made it something beautiful.

(Chris) We weren’t allowed to say the “D” word in our house…and it wasn’t the one with four letters. Yet, here I was 3 years into our marriage telling my wife that I wanted a divorce and that I had secretly been an atheist for months. We were high school sweethearts. We were leading worship together. Our lives were wide open with possibilities and we were surrounded by family and friends. If you’re confused, well, so was she. But, God was up to something…



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