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9.  Forgetting to tell her something specific that you love about her every day.

This may sound super simple, but it’s something that we often forget to do, the longer we are married.  We assume that our spouse knows just how we feel, so we don’t say it out loud.  A wife’s primary need is to feel loved and adored, so when she never hears a heartfelt “I love you” from her husband, it can be heart-breaking.  

Husbands, your wife wants to know that you’ve still got it for her.  So, each day, make it your quest to tell her one specific thing you love about her.  Tell her how much you love hearing her infectious laugh.  Tell her how much you appreciate how hard she works for the family.  Tell her that she never ceases to amaze you with her expansive knowledge.  Whatever “it” is–tell her about it.  She will never tire of hearing your encouraging and affirming words, and it goes a long way in mending a broken heart and cultivating a strong marriage.

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