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8.  Never saying, “I’m sorry for ____. Please forgive me.”

Everyone makes mistakes, but we must admit fault and seek forgiveness when we’ve failed our spouse.  Husbands, when you fail to say you’re sorry and try to brush your misgivings under the rug, this breaks your wife’s heart.

She wants to forgive you, but you must admit the wrong and seek her forgiveness first.  So, think about it.  Have you hurt her feelings?  Lost her trust over something?  Lied to her?  Kept a secret from her?  If so, confess it to God first.  Pray for forgiveness.  His grace is sufficient for whatever you’ve done.   But, as a spouse, you must also go to her, confess what you’ve done wrong, and ask her to forgive you.  It might be hard, and she may not take it well.  But, a strong marriage is built on truth and honesty.  When you bring it out in the open, healing can begin.  

When Life is Hard, Do THIS to Protect Your Marriage



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