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6.  Fulfilling your own sexual needs by using porn.

I receive multiple messages every single day from wives who are broken-hearted after finding out that their husband has been watching porn.  Friends, let me be crystal clear here–porn destroys marriages.  Yet, so many husbands–even Christian husbands–struggle with this sin in secret.

You may tell yourself that it’s harmless and that nobody is getting hurt, but that is a lie.  Porn warps your mind to desire things that no one person can fulfill, and it makes you think that your spouse is less desirable and less sexually unfulfilling.  So, you continue to go back to porn again and again and again, and you stop initiating sex with your wife.  Then, she’s left wondering why you never want her anymore.  And, the two of you simply “exist” with a sexless marriage–all while you meet your own sexual needs with porn.  Sound familiar?

Husbands, if this describes you, please know that you are not alone in this struggle.  But, it will tear you and your marriage apart if you don’t stop this habit as soon as possible.  Please go to for resources and accountability software to help you begin your recovery today.  And, tell your wife that you’ve been struggling with this.  She needs to know, and she can be a great help to you in providing encouragement and accountability in this process of healing.

For more on this, read “To the Husband who Watches Porn: A Wife’s Perspective,” by clicking here.



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