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5.  Making plans without talking to her first.

My husband and I have talked to many couples who struggle with this issue, and it really comes down to one thing–pride.  I’ve heard some husbands say, “Well, I’m a grown man.  I shouldn’t have to ask my wife if I can go somewhere.”  But, “shouldn’t have to” doesn’t get us anywhere, does it?

When we marry, we become one.  It’s no longer “his” and “hers,” it’s OURS.  And, that includes our schedules.  We must consider our spouse whenever we make plans.

It’s as simple as saying, “Honey, some of the guys are wanting to get together and watch the game this Wednesday night.  Do you care if I go?”.  This one simple step of consulting her FIRST will help your wife know that you consider her in ALL things and you respect her thoughts and opinions in ALL matters.  9 times out of 10, she will probably say, “Sure.  Go ahead,” but sometimes, she will remind you that you both already have something on the agenda.  Either way, you are showing her love and respect by consulting with her first before making your own plans, and this will keep your marriage strong.

For more on this, read “5 Reasons Why I Ask for my Husband’s Permission,” by clicking here.



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