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4.  Failing to take her out on a date on a regular basis.

Date nights are like fresh air to a marriage.  It’s a time to reconnect and remember why the two of you got together in the first place.  Yet, the longer we’re married, the harder it becomes to prioritize a date night.  But, we MUST do it any way.

Husbands, it breaks your wife’s heart when you don’t see the value in spending some time together on a date night.  Husbands, when you refuse to go on a regular date night due to money or time constraints, etc., your wife will perceive your refusal as you simply not wanting to spend time with her.  Plain and simple.  So, Guys, please prioritize a date night with your wife.  Make room in the budget and schedule.  It will do wonders for your marriage and it will help the two of you to reconnect and refuel the romance.

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