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3.  Speaking harshly to her and about her.

This one is super important, and it usually stems from some bad communication habits that we develop over time in marriage.  Regardless, we must never speak harshly to our spouse or talk rudely about our spouse–even if we feel like we are justified.  We must treat each other with respect both inside and outside the walls of our home.  Harsh words build giant walls between us and make us feel unloved and insignificant.  

Husbands, if you tend to yell at your wife or use derogatory words towards her, please STOP immediately.  There is a better way.  You can stop this negative cycle by choosing to focus on the good and speaking in a loving tone towards her.  My husband Dave has so wisely said,

“The tone of your words become the tone of your marriage.”

If you are having trouble doing this, I highly suggest that you both invest time in working on your communication in your marriage.  Here is a list of books that will give you practical steps on how to communicate in a healthier way.



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