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6.  When you experience stress, you feel completely overwhelmed emotionally because your mind is already so weighed down with anxious thoughts.

When we struggle with anxiety, it’s hard to handle any additional stress that will naturally come our way. So, we find ourselves breaking down emotionally and lashing out at our loved ones. We feel like the weight of the anxiety never goes away, and we so long to feel “normal” again. We know that something’s not quite right with us, but we just can’t shake it off. We fear that we are damaging our relationships, and this fear only adds to our anxiety level.

Friends, if any of these symptoms describe what you’ve been experiencing, please know that you are not alone. You WILL get through this, but it will take some time, patience, and refocusing. Please reach out for help–to loved ones, pastors, doctors, and Christian counselors. Meditate on His Word and pray like you never have before. Please don’t believe the LIE that you will just have to live with this burden forever. God wants you to walk in the freedom that only He can provide.

Here is something I put together that helped me get through my four-year battle with anxiety and depression. It is a devotional called, 31 Verses and Prayers for the Anxious Mind and Heart, and it also has a journal section that is a very useful tool. Do this devotional every day, and you will feel like a different person in 31 days. Please know that I am praying for you!

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