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3.  Do something fun together on a regular basis.

In the midst of hard times, it’s important that we have an outlet to blow off some steam and laugh together through the tears.  A great way to achieve this is to do something fun together.  This fun activity could be done at home or away from home on a date night.  It could be playing a board game/card game, playing your favorite sport together, going to see the new comedy in theaters or staying home and watching something funny on Netflix, hiking your favorite trail together, riding bikes, attending a concert together, etc..

The options are endless, but it’s important that BOTH of you make this a priority.  If not, everything else will take precedent, and you both need this time to just be together and feel free from the burden of your difficult circumstance.  You might feel guilty or undeserving of having fun because you are walking through a heartbreaking tragedy, but that is simply a lie.  Again, you both NEED this.  Laughter truly is great medicine.  So, make time to blow off steam together, and do it often.



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