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2.  Reach out for help–sooner rather than later.

When we’re facing a loss, illness, or catastrophe, it’s understandable that we might need some professional counseling to help us process everything that we’re going through.  One spouse may need it more than the other, and that is okay.  Every person is different, and so, we are most likely going to process things a little differently than our spouse.

The important thing here is that we realize that there is no shame in needing professional help.  In fact, it is a sign of strength.  We can’t heal if we keep spinning in circles emotionally and mentally, and Christian counselors are professionally trained to help us unpack our anxieties, understand God’s truth, find hope, and heal.  If a counselor isn’t currently an option for you, don’t worry.  You can find a local church support group or talk to a pastor or wise close friend.  You can even find some helpful support groups online that are specific to what you and your spouse are going through.  It’s imperative that you reach out and get the help that you need to face the struggle together and begin the healing process.

If you and/or your spouse feel like you are emotionally stuck and struggling to process a recent tragedy, I highly encourage you to talk to a local Christian counselor.  Whether you see a counselor individually or together, counseling can greatly benefit your marriage.  You can find some in your area by clicking HERE.

Want to learn more about what counseling can do for your and your marriage?  Then, click CLICK HERE.



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