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  1.  Talk about it.

This may seem super simple, but it is the biggest determining factor in whether or not a couple will endure difficult circumstances with their marriage in tact.  When hard times come, it’s easy to want to put on a happy face and act like the nightmare isn’t occurring.  But, this will only build up walls in your marriage and cause a huge breakdown in communication.  

Trying to avoid the “elephant in the room” just feeds the elephant and makes him more ominous.  And, over time, that huge elephant in the room pushes the two of you apart and up against the wall, and it sucks the very life out of your home and marriage.  And, you get used to it, until the day you both realize that you are more like roommates than lovers, running circles around this enormous elephant in the room that has overtaken your lives and marriage.

None of us wants that to happen.

So, what should we do instead?

Talk about it.  Even when we’re tired.  Even when it’s hard.  Even when we aren’t sure what to say at all.

We talk.  We listen.  We grieve the loss together.  We cry together.  And, one day at a time, we heal together.

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