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I hate to admit it, but I have, on more than one occasion, watched the once popular reality show “Cheaters”.  Every time I watch this show, I think about why spouses trust one another.  And, how can we build more trust into our relationship?

For those who have kept your standards higher for your television viewing pleasure and aren’t familiar with the show, the title really captures the essence and class of the program.  The show features a broken relationship in which one partner suspects the other of cheating so he/she goes to the “Cheaters” team for help in launching an all out private investigation with video footage, pictures, phone calls, and lots of trashy, uh, I mean classy drama.  I feel sick the whole time I am watching these people spy on the suspect and the fights that ensue, but I just can’t look away (not a proud moment),  In the end, the “Cheaters” team does in fact report the suspect as a cheater and the other partner is devastated. Tragically, their insecurity is proven to be justified. So, how can married couples keep this from happening?



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