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Recently, my husband, Dave, wrote a wildly popular blog post, “9 Things Married Men Need to Stop Doing”.   Since the husbands have a list, I think it is only fair for the wives to one as well.  As married women, we have things WE need to stop doing too.  So, here it is…

1. We need to stop treating our husband like he is a child.

This might hit a nerve with some of you, but it happens all too often.  I’ve caught myself doing it before.  In an effort to bring out the “best” in our husbands, we start mothering them.  If we want to bring out the best in our husband, then we need to show him that we RESPECT him…even when he’s not quite worthy of it yet.  I know this seems a bit crazy, but almost every marriage book I have ever read emphasizes the husband’s great need for respect from his wife.  Let’s show him that we respect him and see what happens.  Just watch how he rises to the occasion.  As wives, we have special powers when it comes to this.  A husband needs and desires his wife…not another mother.  




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