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GUEST POST by Debra Fileta
“You’ve got to make time to invest in your marriage.”
If you’re married, it’s likely you’ve heard that phrase at least once. In fact, I was visiting a good friend recently and we were talking about our respective marriages when that topic came up.

The conversation we were having revolved around the idea that people are constantly telling young married couples to “invest in their marriage” without explaining what on earth that actually means.
While it sounds like a noble idea, the concept of “investing in your marriage” can seem so far away for many couples, particularly during the first decade of marriage. Think about all that is going on during those first few years of your marriage. If you’re anything like us, most likely, you’re raising young children, sleep deprived, worn out from work, all the while trying to survive financially, make meals, and somehow keep the house from looking like a hurricane passed through it.
It’s hard to figure out how to find the time or energy to “invest” in one more thing during these busy seasons of life.
As a professional counselor, I know that offering blanket statements like telling people to invest in their marriage, can often discourage more than encourage. So, in a practical sense, what does it actually mean to invest in your marriage when life is crazy and beyond? Here are a few bite-sized things to consider doing as a way to invest in your marriage:



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