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4.  We share too much information about our marriages with the people at work.

Before I jump into this subject, I want to address a particular group of readers.  If you are in a verbally, mentally, or physically abusive marriage, I know you are desperate to talk to someone you can trust.  I encourage you to, first of all, seek safety, and then please find a professional Christian counselor, pastor, or social worker you can talk to.  They will be able to help you navigate your situation without bringing it into your work place.  I would hate to see you be put through the ringer or the rumor mill at your work place, so please take these steps to get the help you need.  You are not alone, and there is hope for you and your family.

Sometimes, we are just worn out with the daily grind of our marriages or just angry with our spouses, and we so desperately want to talk with someone about it.  Unfortunately, the work place is probably the worst place where we should do this.  First of all, when you air out your dirty laundry, you are asking for all kinds of opinions to come your way, some of which offer terrible advice.

Secondly, it undermines your credibility as a professional.  Even though all of us go through difficulties at home from time to time, it is unprofessional for us to bring our marital troubles up at work.  I encourage you to find a Christian counselor or pastor that both you and your spouse can meet with together.  Early in our marriage, Dave and I saw a licensed Christian counselor, and we received the help and perspective we needed to strengthen our marriage.  There is absolutely no shame in getting help; we must be willing to do whatever it takes to save our marriages.

For more on this, please read “The 4 Friends that are BAD for Your Marriage,” by clicking here.



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