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There are many “good” things out there, but sometimes, we try to cram too many of them into our family life. It’s a tricky balancing act that takes great consideration. If we allow these good things to take priority over our marriage and family, all we’ll have left is a damaged relationship with our spouse and children.  And, none of us want that! So, what are some “good things” that can go bad when left unchecked?

Well, here are 5 to consider…


  1.  Work

We must work to live, but we must also make sure that we don’t find ourselves living to work. If we’re not intentional about our time, work can eat up our schedule, and we can end up depriving our spouse and family of the time and attention they need from us. So, we must be willing to set boundaries. We need to watch the amount of overtime and travel we take on at work. We need to make it a priority to be home at a reasonable time, so we can engage with our family before bedtime. When we make our family a priority over our work, our relationships will be stronger, and our life will be in balance.

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