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“I’m having an affair.” If you’ve heard these words, then you understand the weight they carry.  They are daggers to the heart and can be deadly to a marriage.

I received an email from a reader whose husband recently confessed to having multiple affairs during their ten years of marriage.  She believes that he is completely remorseful and fully realizes that he has broken his vows…over and over again.  This couple has 2 children and has been together a long time.  Even after hearing his gut-wrenching confession, she still loves him and wants to stay with him.  Trying to hold it together, she doesn’t know how to deal with the myriad of emotions she’s experiencing…sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, desperation…you name it.  As a follower of our Facebook Marriage page, this woman reached out to me for advice on how to move forward and save her marriage after an affair.

You might be thinking, is this even possible?  Can a marriage really be saved after an affair?  Yes, vows have been broken.  Yes, trust must be earned once again.  Yes, it’s messy and emotional and hard.  However, after years of meeting with and talking to couples both in person and online, I can tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE…but it takes lots of work and constant prayer.


So, if you desire to stay with your spouse after an affair, here are 3 questions to consider:



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