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Men and women are different, and marriage makes this crystal clear. But, sometimes, our differences make it hard for us to fully relate to one another. Our minds often focus on different things due to our different wiring, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t do our best to understand what makes each other tick.

When my husband, Dave, and I started dating, I would frequently ask him what he was thinking about whenever we had a pause in our conversation. He was so sweet to try and give me a reasonable answer, even though I am sure this practice became kind of annoying to him. I don’t ask him that question as often anymore, but I still sometimes wonder what he is thinking. Recently, he wrote an interesting blog about this very subject (“9 Things Your Husband is Always Thinking About”) and challenged me to do the same. I honestly laughed at the prospect because he had a concise list of nine, and I didn’t know where to start with making a list for women (since we think a million or so thoughts a day). However, I am going to try since communication and mutual understanding are both essential to a thriving marriage. So, here goes. Husbands, here are 12 questions your wife asks herself everyday (in no particular order):

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